Free Online GED Practice Tests

The most effective way to develop your test taking and time management skills is to put them to work through practice tests and simulations.

We have 2 types of practice tests with a timer and without. Our GED practice tests with a timer will build your confidence and your time management skills. On the GED test you have just 2.3 minute to answer each GED question. That is real pressure. Practice under the same pressure and increase your confidence.

To improve your score check these free GED video programs.

Without a timer GED Practice Tests

Timed GED Practice Tests

Keep in mind that only GED Ready™ (The Official Practice Test) is the only practice test built to tell a student if they are likely to pass the real thing. You can read about it here.

Math Formulas

Mathematical Reasoning test contains a formula sheet, which displays formulas relating to geometric measurement and certain algebra concepts. Formulas are provided to testtakers so that they may focus on application, rather than the memorization, of formulas.

Math formulas for the GED exam are here.

GED practice tests are very important because they indicate what your knowledge gaps are. On this page you will find links to free GED Practice Tests. Keep in mind that they are not full GED tests and that they are not intended to determine readiness to take the GED® test. They will help you to get familiar with the content and technology that is applied in the new GED® tests.

The 3 Secret Keys to GED Exam Success:

  • Time is Your Greatest Enemy
  • Prepare, Don’t Procrastinate
  • Test Yourself over and over again

Price of the GED Test

In most states, the GED exam fee is $120 for all 4 tests, and re-testing is $30 per subject, although the cost varies. Maryland, for example, charges $45 for the entire battery, and in Arkansas you pay $16 for all four parts of the GED examination. In New York and three more states, the high school equivalency exam (TASC in New York) is free (residents only), and there are also states that charge more than the usual amount.

But regardless of the fee, let’s prepare you for the exam so you can pass all four tests in one take. Preparation is key.
Successful completion of the GED exam will bring on new work opportunities and open up doors to colleges and universities. On a yearly basis, more than 500,000 people complete the GED exam, and you could be one of them.

What´s new in GED Exam

The GED exam changed and many people prefer to prepare for the exam by taking online GED classes or courses. Here you will find all information about the new GED exam (2014 Series). The new GED exam is computer based and made up of FOUR tests:

  • Reasoning through Language Arts (reading and writing combined).  Students need to be able to understand longer passages (400-900 words), read faster, and scan for important information. Time schedule: Reasoning through Language Arts will take: 150 minutes (including a 10-minute break)
  • Mathematical Reasoning.  Students have access to an embedded calculator, the TI-30xs. Mathematical Reasoning is 115 minutes
  • Science.  The test contains : 40% Life science, 40% physical science, and 20% Earth/Space science.  Science is 90 minutes
  • Social Studies.  The test contains: 50% Civics and government, 20% United States history, 15% economics, and 15% geography and the world. Social Studies is 90 minutes

Students need basic computer skills: mouse, tabs, keyboarding, basic word processing, access on-line calculator/formula sheet, highlight text. No longer are most test items full with multiple choice with four options, essay-style answering is the new standard.

To get proper education, the government allows and expects students to go through the education system and ultimately acquire a High School diploma. GED classes do not cross anyone’s mind at this time. When young people successfully graduate from high school, doors of colleges and universities open for them and they are able to advance their education and get job training in various institutions. Unfortunately, some people get off the trail and later find it difficult to join the job market. That is where the GED comes in, both in Canada and the US.

What is new in the current version of GED exam?

The GED examination has always been subject to evaluation every 10 years, but this time, the changes have been actually drastic. These changes are geared towards aligning the examination with the needs of the job market. These changes are mainly:

  •    Moving from the paper and pencil mode of writing the examination to a computer based system.
  •    Moving from multiple choice questions to questions that call for analytical and descriptive type of answers. Even math, in the new set-up, is interactive.
  •    Overall, the candidate has to demonstrate ability to look at issues critically, particularly in Social Studies.

How does the GED exam work?

This is easy. For those who read and write well, what they need to be versed in is Math, Science and Social Studies. These are the areas the GED has always tested. Even when the examination is reviewed every 10 years, the four (in former versions five) areas of testing have remained the same. Recently, the examination has received an overhaul, and though the testing areas are still intact, other aspects of the examination have drastically been altered.

For proper preparation you can contact a location near you where GED classes are offered, choose for online prep classes or just get GED prep books. The choice is yours.

Who can take the GED exam?

Regulations vary by state, but in general you qualify to sit for the GED examination if you:

  • are at least 18 years old. If you are 16 or 17 you must have an approved age waiver
  • are not enrolled any other school program, and have not already received a high school diploma
  • have a valid, current, government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license. Other examples of acceptable ID include passports, U.S. Military ID, certain Tribal ID’s, and Mexican Consular ID’s

The GED certificate or diploma is the equivalency of a regular High School Diploma, and is accepted by virtually all government organizations, recruiters, employers and colleges in the United States.

Also worth reading how you can benefit from online programs

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  1. I won’t to take the test I have the money I need my ged

    • Well Tony, good you want to take the GED exam. All the best, Kate.

      • What if I have my high school transcripts and I only needed one part of the Ged section

        • Hi Ciera, it depends on when you passed the other GED tests. In January 2014, a new GED program and examination was introduced, and all earlier test results were no longer valid, though in Pennsylvania old test scores may be transferred to the new exam till the en of this year. I suggest you contact a testing site or prep facility in your area for details. They should definitely be able to answer your questions. Good luck. Kate

    • I have money for the ged

      • Hi Wendy,
        Great to hear you’ve got the money for your GED exam, so get well-prepared. Of course you can use our video instruction and practice tests to get all set! Kate

  2. Aaliyah Davidson

    Hey im from Birmingham and im also trying to take my ged as well..

    • It’s important to me to accomplish my goal to have my GED placed in my hands . I am 61 years old , I have tried several times to pass the test , but my mind go blank when I get the opportunity to take the actual exam . Any suggestions anyone ? I really need to accomplish my goal to be free from my failures .

      • Hi Dalphine,
        Good you want to get your GED diploma. Just practice a lot using our free video instruction and practice tests. We also provide timed practice tests to help you get used to testing under time pressure. Just keep on practicing and I’m sure you’ll get there. Good luck, Kate

      • Try taking one section at a time. Complete one and go to the next. Start with the section that’s most difficult for you and so on. The rest of the test shoul be a breeze …Have faith , you got it!!! Just step one at a time , GOOD LUCK !!!!!!!

      • This reply is in regards to Dalphine’s question. Dalphine, from what you inform us in your comment, it seems like what is holding you back is fear. I know because I’ve been there, we all have at one point or another in our lives. Eventually, we come to pass our tests, literally and metaphorically.

        Dalphine, my recommendation would be to not only study the GED material, but to address your fear of failure. If you’ve taken the test before as you said, then you already know your material. What you might need to focus on now may be to learn some strategies on how to be a more effective test taker. You can find this information for free online. Apply the strategies you learn on practice tests to help build confidence. The more times you do well in your practice tests, the higher your self confidence will be. Additionally, I would recommend you look up exercises on releasing fear (YouTube has great videos on this. Personally, I think that a meditation practice called mindfulness meditation helps. See what works for you. This is YOUR experience.)

        As you learn, practice, and relax more, doing well and feeling good about it will come naturally to you. And passing the GED should not be a problem at all.

        I think it’s great that at 61 you still have goals instead of thinking of slowing down in life. Feel proud of yourself for that. And work on overcoming your fears. I know you will do well.

        Good luck to you.

  3. Register me for ged at College of America

  4. I would like to take classes to prep me for my GED, how can I go about it. Can you give me the information?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hello Elizabeth,
      the best way to start with your GED preparation is to contact a prep center near you, and get advised on all issues related to the GED exam and how to prepare best. Just check out our post on all facilities near you. At the same time you can start preparing by following our free GED videos and take our GED prep tests to find out what parts you need to focus on most.
      If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

  5. How much does this GED test cost in Georgia

    • Hello Taylor, in Georgia the GED fee is $160 for all four tests ($40 per individual test).
      You can take one of the four tests at a time and pay for just that part. No need to take (and pay for) everything at once. Your test results will be valid for two years. Kate

    • GED testing is free in Georgia. The GED prep classes are also free. Find a local technical college. The GA Hope program pays for Adult Education via the Lottery.

      • Hi Cary,
        Thanks for your contribution, but your information is unfortunately not entirely correct:

        GED testing is NOT free in Georgia ($160 for the entire battery, $40 per individual test), but, indeed, there are many technical colleges that will help you apply for a HOPE scholarship that will pay for the cost. You can also find quite a few Adult Learning Centers that offer scholarships that will pay for (part or all of) the $160 fee.

        About the HOPE Grant (not the same as a HOPE scholarship): GED graduates may qualify for a $500 HOPE GED grant. This is a voucher that can be used toward post-secondary education in Georgia (To find out if you qualify you can contact the Georgia Student Finance Commission for more information about the grant).

        So if you look good you can find free GED testing options, but the statement that GED testing in Georgia is free is not correct. GED prep classes are mostly offered without any cost.
        Take care. Kate

  6. Alice Mcknight

    I will like to take my ged test

  7. I’m trying to find a school I can go to to get my GED

    • Hi Latanya, why don’t yo just check out our post about options in and around a major city close to you?
      We have hundreds of posts that list all prep locations in specific area. If you just search for ‘GED classes in …..(city)’ you’ll find what you want. Kate

  8. please e mail more about GED CLASSES

  9. Hi my name is Jeremy and I’m trying to take my GED test by the end of the year… I was hoping to find some Prep classes with an instructor. I tried online school and it was difficult for me to learn the materials without one on one communication with an instructor/teacher. Any help is much appreciated!! Thank you :)

    • Hi Jeremy,
      To find all options available in your area check out our post about your city or a major city near you. Just search ‘GED classes in …city name …’
      Good luck, Kate

  10. Hi, I’m 20 years old and I was in my senior year of high school but I couldn’t finish, now I want to have my high school diploma wid the GED but I don’t know how all of this works. Hiw can I know what exams to take? or where?
    Thank you

    • Hi Maely,
      You best contact a GED prep facility near you. If you search for ‘GED Classes in …(a major city near you)’ you will find our post on that area with all locations and testing sites.
      When you check out our free video instruction and practice tests you’ll find out everything about the GED program and the four GED tests.
      At you can also find a wealth of information regarding everything related to the GED program.
      Good luck, Kate

  11. Glad we’re now able to print practice tests at home , thank you !

  12. Hello, I too would like to take the GED, but I am not in the States right now. I am in Turkey. If I come to the States on a tourist visa, can I be accepted in a GED program? I have yo take the prep course to improve my math and essay writing. Some info would be my much appreciated.. Thanks.


    • Hi Reshma,
      You will need a U.S. Social Security number to take the GED exam, and to attend preparation classes or study online is really recommended. Good luck, Kate

    • Hey Reshma, you DO NOT need a US Social Security to take GED class I am currently in GED program and in my class i have alot of studets that are on tourist visa it is possible to get into the program with a tourist visa

  13. I took the GED maths like 6 times already i am always so close to passing but the closes was 2 points that i missed it by i plan on taking it next month again sighhh…..i am confident that i will pass but i am just scared i dont know why but i do find this site helpful and its my first time hopefully i pass this time

  14. Do they fingerprint when taking tasc test in nyc ?

    • Hi Suzie,
      As far as we can tell they do not, but you have to bring proper photo identification.
      If you get different information, we’d appreciate if you would tell us. Thanks.

  15. i would like take the GED test or attend classes i live in the Bronx { 10462} every time i look for information about the classes people are giving me the false information , not sure but do they classes on line ?

    • Hi Doris,
      Sad to hear that you are given the wrong information, but let’s see if we can help you. Before you take the GED (or now in New York the TASC exam) you really better take preparation classes. Here are two options in your ZIP area, please contact them for assistance and to see what the possibilities are:

      CUNY Prep High School (2122 White Plains Rd, Bronx, NY 10462, 718-839-8862)
      St. Raymond Community Outreach (71 Metropolitan Ave, 2nd Fl, Bronx, NY 10462, 718-824-0353)

      You can also check out our page on the Bronx (just type ‘GED prep classes in Bronx NY’) to see all locations around where you live.
      You can also take advantage of our free GED video lessons and our GED practice tests. There is absolutely no obligation when you prepare this way, and everything is totally free.
      The TASC exam is free for NY residents and the content is quite similar to that of the GED exam so our online help should get you ahead pretty much, though I think attending classes will be your best option. Good luck, Kate

  16. I’m trying to get my ged

  17. I want to know are any of the test have a specific time to complete.I’m saying for instance I pass one test in August how long before I have before the test be good for. Remember the old test require you time frame or the test will be expired,default or something… I don’t want to be in a hurry taking them like that?

    • Hi Donna,
      If you live in a state that offers the GED exam, you can take one of the four tests at a time and your results will remain valid for two years from the moment you take your first test.
      If you must take the HiSET or the TASC, we advise you to check with a testing site near you for details.
      Good Luck, Kate

  18. I live in nj I took the test 30 years ago and failed 2 parts want to take the test for ged

    • Hi Mary Townsley,
      Great you want to go for the GED exam. These days, you can take one test at a time, no need to take all four tests in a row. Just get ready for the section that you find most difficult and when you’re all set, register online ( for that test (you need to make an account at MyGED). When you’ve passed the most difficult test you’ll see how fast you’ll be successful at the other tests! You are welcome to use our free video lessons and GED practice tests, a great help to get ahead. All the best and good luck. Kate

  19. Veronica Gonzales

    I am 43 years old and I need help in getting my Ged I need to enroll. I would like some information please .

    • Veronica, why don’t you just start watching our free video lessons and take the mini tests that follow to see if you got it. You can also take our free practice tests, there is no further obligation whatsoever. In the meantime, contact a prep location near you. Type in ‘GED Classes in …- major city near you -‘ and you will find all options in that area. GED prep sites are run by competent and caring people who will definitely be glad to help you. Kate

  20. Hope 29 registration will be tomorrow?and please when an exam is said to be taken before the registration those it mean that if you don’t write well you will not enrol into the program

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I guess you’re right about ’29 registration’, but please contact the prep facility to be sure. You need to take an exam so the school can assess your level and take care of proper placement, and if you need to focus on writing, they will help you with that. Usually, you can enroll if you qualify, no matter what. Good luck. Kate

  21. Arlene Beckham

    Im going to take the Ged test soon but I’m little nervous

  22. I dont Have My State id At all or licence Right Now. Do i Need a license or just my id Will be Exceptable ?

    • Hi Zanaya,
      Please contact your GED testing site to avoid misunderstandings. Usually you will need a photo-ID and and ID that states your address, but regulations may vary, so get all relevant information so you won’t get disappointed. Good luck, Kate

  23. If the test is mostly essay style, then why are these all multiple choice questions? If i study these practice tests will i actually be prepared for the test?

    • Hi Autumn, our free video lessons and practice tests are meant as a free and well-balanced help to get you all set for the GED exam. If you want to know if you are sufficiently prepared, we advice you to take the official GED Ready Test by GED Testing Service. This is the only practice test that comes with study advice and is a reliable result prediction. The GED Ready Test cost $6 per testing subject. Go to for further information. Kate

  24. i want to do these ged s but i dont know what to do because first of all am in jamaiaca and am going into the tenth grade and cxc is coming up next year and i was wondering if anyone would please give me some assistance,i am available to talk to on facebook my fb name is kxng davis…….and i am an american citizen but i live in jamaica please reply

    • Hi Mathew,
      There is a GED testing site in Kingston, so please call them for details:
      New Horizons Computer Learning Center, Liguanea Post Mall, Unit 1, First Floor, 115 Hope Road, Kingston, 6 Jamaica, Phone: 876-927-3111. The testing site is located opposite the Sovereign Shopping Mall (next to the Courts Store in Liguanea). They should be able to help you. (This information was found on, and I hope it is correct.)
      Please let me know if this information got you ahead, Kate

  25. I am 52 years old…I’ve been out of school so long and I know a lot of things on the text I would not have any idea about. ..a lot of the math. I work full time so I don’t have much time what can I do? Is there a different type of text they give seniors?

    • Hi Lil, no, seniors don’t get treated differently. It just a matter of practicing as much as possible. Good luck, Kate

  26. Hi I was taking some of the practice tests. I was finding them much harder than I expected. Is the actual test so difficult if so I’m afraid I won’t ever pass it! Please tell me it is not. If there is any tips you could give me in order to study or prepare better I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Hi Christa,
      The practice tests are based on questions from earlier GED exams. Studying with regular intervals will definitely help a lot, so don’t take on too much at once. Just use our free video instruction and you’ll see you will get ahead, step by step. All the best and good luck. Kate

  27. MarkAnthony Ramsey

    I’ve been thinking about getting my G.E.D for some time now. I’ve always been a smart guy, I learn everything I attempt and always succeed! I believe I can literally learn anything if I want to. So I have finally decided, in order for me to get a college degree and any official title, I need to go ahead and do it! Please send me a copy or give me some info on where to go and get one myself!

    • Hi MarkAnthony, you ask us to sent you a copy…but of What? Don’t think it’s all that easy. You are free to get a so-called “GED Diploma” over the internet, but remember that these documents have no value and will not be accepted by schools or employers. If you really are the smart guy you say you are, you should know that you need to study a lot and get your GED diploma by taking and passing all four GED tests at designated test sites. You are welcome to use our video lessons and practice tests. Good luck. Kate

  28. Shaquinta Johnson

    How do I get my GeD

    • Hi Shaquinta. An important element in your preparation for the GED exam is learning to read well. There are numerous posts on our website (as on countless other sites) where you can find multiple answers to your question. Find help at a GED prep facility, there are for sure locations near you:
      Good luck. Kate

  29. Are there any specific dates and times to take the GED test in Spartanburg, SC? I’m asking for my brother-in-law. If you could please provide this info I’d greatly appreciate it.

    • Hi Quita, to learn possible testing dates and times you (or your brother in law) need to go to the official GED website,, and make an account at the portal MyGED. Registration and test-scheduling is done online, and he can take one test at a time. He has two year to complete all four tests to earn his GED diploma.
      There are quite a few prep facilities in Spartanburg, and testing is done at Whitlock Learning Center, see:
      Good luck, Kate

  30. I have taken the GED/TASC test in May of this year and i passed all but one subject. Which was Math. I’m taking it again this month. hopefully i pass this time. But anyways why is people paying for the test if its free. There is alot of places you can take it for free. and has many times as needed. But GOOD LUCK ON ALL WHO IS TAKING OR TRYING TO TAKE THE TEST. :)

  31. I’m 45 and I need lots of studying before I take the test. My problem is using computers. Can I take written tests?

    • Hi Michelle. That depends on where you live. In states that offer the GED exam for high school equivalency testing, you need to do it on a computer. If you live in a state, though, that’s using the new alternatives TASC or HiSET, you still can use a paper-based format. There are states now that offer multiple options. Please let me know where you live (city or state) and I’ll get back to you with details.
      You say you have a lot of studying to do. You are welcome to use our free GED video program. No need to sign up and it is available, just as our GED practice tests, at no cost. Kate.

  32. I’m from Nepal, and i’m trying to get my GED through here and later continue my study in US. So you see how beneficial IT is.

  33. i am from thailand and the school i was studying does not teach social studies and after looking ate your social studies question paper i have no clue what all questions are about. is there anything you can help me?

  34. Tomorrow i am going for a Ged test @ Dut, and it my first time, what do i need to bring? do i have to bring my ID, MATRIC RESULTS nd they must be certified or not?

    • Hi Simphiwe. You need to bring a photo-ID and an ID that shows your address, though requirements may vary slightly by state. To be sure, bring both. That’s it. Good luck tomorrow. Kate.

  35. Are you allowed to use calculators on the actual GED test?

    • Hi Jordynn. A calculator is provided on the computer screen when it is allowed to use one. You cannot bring your own. Kate

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