Accredited Online GED Classes Reviews


Signing up for online GED classes will allow you to carry out your preparation classes in accordance with your own agenda. You will become totally prepared to take on the GED examination without the need to sit in a classroom. The problem is to find out which preparation courses are worth the cost and your precious time, and which are accredited by the official GED Testing Service.

GED Testing Service lists 15 programs that are GED 2014-ready and are offered to educators and individual students. Not all of these programs are suitable to work independently without a teacher. Therefore we lists only the programs that can be used successfully by individual students. These programs are truly designed for you to work on your own and some even give you the guarantee that you will pass the GED exam.

GED Academy

The best known is GED Academy, an online GED class that guarantees that you pass the exam. This online program is frequently bought by schools and offered to students in the classroom. Fortunately,student-getting-ged nowadays the program is also available for individual students. GED Academy is really great, you set your own schedule and you decide how many hours per week you want to put in learning. Most students pass the GED exam in 4 to 5 weeks by studying every day, or in 3 to 4 months if they study just one hour a week. You won’t need to leave your current job, as this course is easily done after hours or on the weekends! It’s all up to you.

They have everything you need available online: GED practice tests and teaching lessons in all subjects, GED smart book, calculator and even your own private tutor and forum. The GED Academy is recommended by the official GED testing service for 2014. The price is $189. The  GED Academy course is  a modern online learning programs, it works also on mobile devices however if you have iPhone you will need to get the Photon Flash Player ($3.99 in the Apple Store)

Click on the link to read my whole review of the GED Academy.

P12 from Aztec Software

This is another program often found in schools and GED preparation centers, and now it’s offered to individual students too. Aztec’s presentation of test items will use the same interactions required in the GED to ensure mastery of the technology—

•    Drag & drop, hot spot, cloze items, short answer, fill in the blank, multiple choice, multiple selection

•    Essay prompts with word processor, extended responses

It’s a program you will typically find in the school lab. Maybe it’s worth to add that many instructional modules can come with Spanish audio.  Price $50 per month. Aztec Software /P12 is compatible with the new 2014 GED® exam. Check also my interview with Michael A. Kheyfets ,CEO of Aztec Software.

DCS GED® Prep Online

This program has been around for 10 years, and it’s supposed to be the first ever online GED class offered to students.It it’s the most affordable paid online GED prep, it costs $65 for 4 months.  It’s also listed on the website of the official GED testing service. A Spanish version of the program is available. Keep in mind this website utilizes the old internet technology and it will  not display nicely on your smartphones and tablets.


This online course will take you 6 weeks and the lessons take place 2 x a week on Wednesday and Friday.They start a new class approximately once a month, and the class is instructor based.  Before you start the course you will be able to check your knowledge to identify your weak and your strong points. This is really a good idea because it helps you to understand what you need to focus on.

The price is $119 for 6 weeks/24 hours in total.

The course is best suited for people who want to refresh their knowledge before they take the GED test. The Edu2Go online program is also adjusted to the 2014 GED test and listed by the official GED testing.

GED® Test For Dummies

GED® Test for Dummies Premier, 3rd Edition, available in print book and all e-book formats, is an updated, comprehensive guide that supplies the information, test taking tips, and advice needed to successfully complete the exam. Each question includes a detailed explanation for the correct answer. In addition, this new edition incorporates the latest changes and updates to the 2014 version of the GED and it’s promised to be also available online.

You will learn to navigate and understand the format of all of the five subject tests; gain confidence by taking multiple practice tests,  and know what to expect and how to manage your time on test day. It’s promised to have an online version, too. I like the book and when the online version will be available  it will be worth checking  therefore I include GED® Test for Dummies Premier in my list.

Free Online GED classes

You can also find a number of free GED courses, that are offered free of charge. The most well-known are:

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