Where to find GED Classes

When you want to be taking the GED exam in the near future, you must be aware that recently some important modifications have been made to the GED test. The most significant change is that the series of four tests is now completely computer-based. You no longer need to worry about taking a ready supply of pencils with you. This article is a brief summary of the modifications that were made to the GED exam and what you can expect if you are taking GED classes and the GED test near you.

In 2014, the GED exam was modified entirely (the program changed more that ever before in 70 years of GED), and now we can say again that the GED is aligning with academic and industry requirements and standards. The new GED exam is done completely on a computer but you need to remember that, just like before, you will have to go to official GED testing site to take the exam. Don’t forget to bring a valid photo ID each time you go there! The new setting allows you to see your scores right after taking the exam, while in the old system test takers had to wait in anxiety for a few weeks.

Here you can find a list of GED classes in every state.

GED Testing Centers and Prep Sites by State

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